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Lukes Lair Review

Reviewed: 2008-10-20
Quick site rank and complete review of Lukes Lair | Categories: Amateur, Fetish, Gay

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Our Rating: 83/100

Quality of Content: 20/25

Purchase Value: 16/20

Leased/Own Content: 15/15

Update Frequency: 7/10

Content Variety: 8/10

Tour Promises/Reality: 5/5

Originality: 8/10

Navigation: 4/5

Images: yes

Live Shows / Chat: no

Streaming Video: yes

Downloadable Video: yes

User Rating For LukesLair

User Rating: 57/100 - based on 87 votes.

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My Opinion About LukesLair

Update - Posted on October 20th, 2008 : Well, it's been a year, and somehow I have not forgotten about Luke's Lair, which, considering my last review, is impressive. It seems Luke must have struck a cord with me after all. The site pretty much looks the same as I recall, but Luke is a bit more explicit about the whole theme going on here, and the site states that "even cute lads have a dark side." I like this because it lets me know exactly what I'm in for, which is basically some hot twink action with a kinky BDSM twist. The one thing I have to give Luke credit for is how much content he's added over the last year. He's certainly hornier and kinkier than ever. These days you will find 147 photo galleries and 71 videos and 22 exclusive stories and the blog continues to be updated regularly. While there is still plenty of site news, Luke is adding some personal entries these days. I liked reading about Manchester Pride, but I'd have loved hearing more about it. The quality of the photos remains the same, and if there is one thing I wish for from this site, it's full-length video downloads. Right now the 20-minute films are divided into clips. Also, iPod formats wouldn't hurt. With the increase in content, Luke's Lair deserves a few extra marks. This remains a good site to come to if twinks experimenting with BDSM gets your motor running.End of Update.

Original Review follows : The photo of the Master on Luke's Lair is a little reminiscent of the actor in Donnie Darko, but alas it's not the same dude, even if there is some similarity when it comes to youthful looks and hairstyle.

The members' area is okay-looking. There's nothing fancy, and the menu seems clear enough to follow. I really wasn't all that fond of the photos flashing on the left side of the page, though. These, of course, are minor considerations, and I was much more eager to see what this gay BDSM site had in store for us in the way of content and, of course, action.

While there aren't any bonus sites, I did see that there were what appeared to be 15 custom BDSM and fetish stories written by a handful of people. They weren't well-structured or written in Nobel-winning style, but they were interesting enough to read and keep you busy while waiting for any of the movie downloads, I suppose. There's also a blog, but mainly this was just a site news area without much information about Master Luke or his sexy slave lads. There were also three "how to" videos about pinwheel safety, safe wrist ties, and how to store rope. I was hoping for more in this section, but as I begin to look around, I start to get the feeling that Luke is a young master without a lot of experience under his belt.

There are 13 Windows Media films, which isn't that large an archive. They also stream in a Flash player. There's little to no talking in any of the movies. In the most recent one, Luke stimulates a model named Iggy by using a pinwheel, what looks to be a rabbit's foot, and a brush to tickle him. Eventually he shows us the sub's cock, he kisses him a little and even spanks him, but nothing struck me as especially dominating. In fact, the film reminded me of inexperienced twinks trying to pretend at BDSM and failing. The whole thing is 30 minutes long, and I can't say that I was especially turned on, because of the lack of any really good domination scenes by supposed Master Luke. The 320x240 streaming window is too small to really see anything, so I suggest downloading the 1250Kbps 720x576 .wmv films. The downloads were by far better quality than the streams.

There are several picture categories including ass-play, bondage, cock-and-balls, role-play, rope, shaving, and stripping. In total you'll discover 37 sets and each contains between 40 and 60 images. They are amateur in style and have that homemade snapshot quality to them, yet, at 900x600, they're fairly clear. It's sort of sad to say, but the photos on this site were much more exciting than the videos. Here you get a lot more experimentation with some interesting rope work, especially when used for binding cock and balls. There was a bit of PVC fetish, but the role-play area almost seemed devoid of any roles. In any case, there's still much more variety here than in the video section.

Final Verdict

Personally, I wasn't too fond of Luke's Lair. I think that those wanting to follow a young Master as he grows in skill might enjoy a site like this, or maybe even some younger dudes who just like the whole idea of experimenting might get off on the site. For me, there just wasn't enough skill with the tools and certainly Master Luke hasn't quite come into his own when it comes to dominating. He truly gives me the feeling that he's more a bottom than he is a top, and in this way the site just doesn't cut it in my books.

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